Your Online Business Starts Here

Whether you want to update your current website or create a new website, I can help you get started.

I’ll walk you through the three simple steps.

You need a domain name, hosting account and content & images.

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Domain Name

You’ll need to register a new domain with a registrar. If you already have a registered domain name, please continue to the purchase of a hosting account with HostGator, BlueHost, or Startlogic.

Hosting Account

You’ll need a Hosting Account from HostGator, BlueHost or Startlogic. If you have an account at already, I can work with that also.

WordPress Software
& Theme

WordPress software will be used to create your new website. It’s a fantastic, popular way to create a beautiful website viewable on computers, smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. Click the button to view examples of great looking designs that can be used.

Domain Name

You need a domain name, to begin with. The domain can be purchased at any registrar or hosting company such as Godaddy or

Hosting Plan

You need to host your website at a hosting company. The website will be built on a web server at a hosting company such as Hostgator or BlueHost.

WordPress Theme

A basic theme or premium theme can be used for your WordPress installation. Basic themes are free. Premium themes will have much more functionality and responsiveness to mobile devices.

Outdo your competition!

Let’s create a website that your competition wants to emulate.